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            Wang Rui Alex Hua Tian visit condolences to Li Liujun, general manager of science and technology
            source:admin time:2016-04-28
            February 13th afternoon, party secretary Alex Hua Tian came to the Wang Rui group, visit condolences to the contact experts - Alex Hua Tian, general manager of the Li Liujun, general manager of the Polytron Technologies Inc.
            Wang Rui on behalf of the municipal Party committee and government to Li Liujun said New Year greetings and thank Li Liujun and he led the team, with advanced technology and advanced management concept, not only to improve and improve the level of management and the benefits of the Huatian technology, the Tianshui industrial economy to achieve the quantitative growth and quality improvement.
            Wang Rui pointed out that the various departments at all levels should be innovative talent work mechanism, to provide a platform and space for all kinds of talents to display their talent. To Tianshui of the geographical advantages, environmental advantages, the introduction of eclectic, increasing the intensity of the training, integration of resources use, make talents attracted to, live, with good. To open a high level of service personnel to the green channel, to solve their worries. We should give full play to the leading role of all kinds of talents, leading the new normal economic development, promote the transformation of the city's enterprises and the development of new industries.
            Party Standing Committee, Minister of organization Wang Guangqing condolences. Alex Hua Tian Group Chairman Xiao Shengli, party secretary and chairman of the union Zhang Yuming accompanied condolences.

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